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As I sit here New Years Eve in the office tidying up the last of the loose ends of what has been an eventful 2014, my thoughts turn to the excitement of 2015 and all it has to offer both personally and professionally.

Spending time with the family over the festive break is a time to reflect on what is important to you and a great time to discuss plans for the future. This often involves moving for many people.

A number of those plans tend to include, Should we move to a bigger or smaller property? How long shall we give our current agent until we switch? which area of Worthing should we move to? What are the school catchments for little Johnny?

These are all good questions, But as an estate agent with many years experience the one question that comes up time and time again is “When is the best time to market my property?”

Traditionally sellers think the best time of year to sell a property is in the Spring, blue sky, colour in the garden and cheerier weather. No doubt about it, if your property looks good in adverts it increases your viewings which in turn generates more offers. HOWEVER, given the technology we have at our disposal today marketing your property at anytime of the year with the right estate agent can achieve these results. Also bear in mind that in 2015 we have a general election in the spring, historically the market goes flat on the build up to an election through uncertainty.

The truth is there is no hard and fast rule of when to sell is the best time. You need to look at what the market is doing and with the help of your estate agent decide when the best time to market is.

Lets look ahead to January 2015, Should I market my property straight after the new year? – In one word YES. The reason for this is, you have decided over the Christmas break you want to move, if you don’t do it now you may loose sight of why it was important to you and put it off for another year.

Properties in Worthing are at a low level at the moment. This means you have less competition in selling your property and as such may achieve a better price.

The market is stable. Changes to the way mortgages are offered came in almost a year ago and lenders and mortgage advisers now know the criteria. Bank of England base rate is still at a historic 0.5% low, as soon as this increases (and it will) the market will shift making it harder to move for a degree of time.

People want to move! At the moment we have first time buyers, home movers, investors, landlords and tenants all looking to either buy, let or sell or rent properties in Worthing. As I mentioned earlier in the article in 2015 we will have a General Election and the market and attitudes of people will change. Now is a great time to test the market if you are thinking of moving.

If you want to discuss moving please call Jacks & Jones Estate Agents Worthing on (01903) 267700 or visit our website to find out more at http://www.jacksandjones.co.uk